Help needed about trans-gender issues in school

Dear readers, do you know lawyers?

Help! So my friend who teaches in a charter school out there in the fruited plains of the American heartland tells me that the “trans-gender issues” are now coming up at his school. Underage kids looking to make their misery the community’s misery; the usual abandonment of decency & lack of confidence on the part of the community, because nobody wants to stand up for anything... Once that nonsense becomes administrative or political, of course, it destroys some part of liberty, of the community’s self-gov’t, &, worst of all, of education. So my friend is worried & would like some help. Are there any lawyers who have any idea what could be done, has been done, is being done in America? Are there people in education or state gov’t who have any idea how to deal with these problems to prevent something bad?

For my part, I think communities & schools have the right to govern themselves & ordinary decency deserves defending from moralistic hysteria. But I’m not a lawyer & I’m aware of the fact that the majority-Republican appointed Supreme Court decided against ordinary decency & all that is holy last year, in Bostock-