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Another well written thoughtful piece. We repent in leisure. But those of us who are reading in these SubStack spaces (and like MAA, I try too much) have less to repent. We will in the end need to forgive and that will be hard. Predicting anger over being mislead is not easy.

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What a beautiful and provocative meditation, Carl, and I am grateful for your thoughtful attention to my essay.

“happier metaphor of an attempted-strangulation victim …” 😂

And wow, thank you for the book recs on totalitarianism, both of which sound fascinating (congratulations on your editing role on “Totalitarianism on Screen”). I’ve added books both to my wishlist as well as “The Lives of Others,” which I was not familiar with.

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Carl, I wanted to let you know I took your profound observation about the JP Sears video detracting from the essay to heart, and I’ve written an entirely new section on truth, justice, forgiveness, and reconciliation. I added a pinned comment about that for those who happen to notice and will notify my readers about it (and your article) in my next newsletter. Thank you for spurring me to write a stronger piece!

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Good essay. Thoughtful. Thx for the book recommendation, though I still have to work form my growing stack of as yet unread (by me) works. And the events unfolding in society risk snowballing to the point that implosion and chaos will ensue.

Not if, but when.

But the Phoenix always rises after the ashes have cooled.

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Thanks Carl, excellent. It's hard to imagine that with all of the vested interests at stake - institutions, protecting the "sanctity" of peer review, the reputations/authority of those in leadership positions - that people will admit they were wrong, or that they misled, or that they have been misled.

The current posture among many people I know is, "we just have to move on." Which right there is a "tell," as I see it.

In the meantime, the next 'pandemic" will be here soon; and other distractions - further encouraging the population to "move on."

From where I sit, watching the population change direction en masse ("pandemic" -> Ukraine -> "Pandemic"?) often reminds me of how fish school together; how they shift directions nearly simultaneously, and in a seemingly coordinated fashion. The media are masters at shaping and leveraging group think dynamics, and minutely controlling the population’s focus. And new technologies (virtually all eyes on screens nearly 24/7, the emergence of nonlinear networked communication, social media platforms, etc.) have only extended their power. It's as if they create the moment-by-moment "environment" for the masses.

It's kind of terrifying to observe all that ^^.

As for forgiveness, ,we --- all of us -- have to be ready to forgive. But I'm not holding my breath either.

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So many emotions reading such marvellous text. Thank you so much !

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